School Values

Who We Are

At Kairanga School we believe that:

  • We are all learners actively pursuing our personal best.
  • We are learning for life and about life.
  • We can all have success.
  • We are developing increasing responsibility for our learning.
  • Learning is a team effort.
  • Skills, knowledge, attitudes and values are all part of learning.
  • Learning must be relevant and fun.

At Kairanga School we will foster achievement by:

  • Delivering the curriculum as outlined in the Kairanga School Curriculum Delivery plan.
  • Determining a balanced curriculum for our school.
  • Focusing on literacy and numeracy skills as fundamental basics.
  • Focusing on the key competencies in integrated theme.
  • Implementing assessment tools which will assist learning and teaching, show progress and achievement and identify areas requiring focus.

As children leave Kairanga School they will take with them a firm foundation for future learning, values, strong numeracy and literacy skills, strategies for learning how to learn, and a strong belief in self and appreciation of people.

“For Live we are Learning”

“Whaia te matauranga, kia ora ai tatou”