Welcome to Kairanga School – A family based approach to education

At Kairanga School we understand that parents recognise the importance of “family” and so we approach education with this in mind. The below points describe the unique characteristics of our school:

Diverse Learning Experiences

From academic to sporting to cultural, our unique rural setting enables all children to participate in a wide variety of activities. Each unit of work has aspects of Education Outside The Classroom and Social Action – teaching our pupils that learning is related to the real world.

A Nurturing Environment

With smaller class sizes, our caring teachers are better able to devote individual attention to your child’s education. As a smaller school we will get to know your child as an individual and recognise their talents.

Partnership with Parents

Our skilled and dedicated teachers work with parents, providing detailed feedback on your child as a learner and opportunities for families to be involved.

A Family Atmosphere

Through our buddy systems and school houses, your child will develop strong relationships with children of all ages.

Family Values

We value honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, perseverance, empathy and cooperation.

Close to home

Situated within 5 minutes of the city boundary.

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