We have about 86% of our pupils involved in organised activity during the year in teams and school events! This is a great proportion of our school roll.

This happens because of our community’s support and desire to see our kids active. We are very grateful to our adult volunteers who coach, organise and manage. 

Mrs Lark (Takahe Rm) & Miss Peters (Ruru Rm), organise all our sports and Physical Education:

Mrs Lark does the sports teams (weekend and after school - eg Netball, T-Ball, Hockey, etc);

Miss Peters organises the Whole-School events and Te Kawau Cluster events (Cross Country, Triathlon, Swimming sports, etc).

We want to see as many of our pupils invovled in physical activity as we can! We know that active kids turn into active adults, and that's got to be better for our future!

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